Elastomer Expansion Joints

Elastomer Expansion Joints provides an effective and durable solution to the problems of handling wet gasses and associated condensates in hot air and flue gas systems. The Elastomer Expansion Joints can easily absorb multi-directional movements/vibrations and compensate for resulting misalignment. These types of products are mainly used when temperatures are below dew point.

The Elastomer Expansion Joints are suitable for continuous temperatures up to 200⁰C. Each joint is made from a single elastomer material laminated with one or more reinforcement layers and vulcanized to form a solid, integral component.

Elastomer Expansion Joints Gas Turbine - Audco Italiana

The Audco Elastomer Expansion Joints are available in numerous shapes and sizes, but four elastomer products represent the standard range – other materials are available for special conditions.

  • PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene
  • EPDM ethylene propylene diene terpolymer
  • FKM fluorocarbon elastomer (Viton B)
  • SI silicone rubber

High Pressure rubber Expansion Joints is also available in various qualities and reinforcement layers, and with flange connections like ANSI, EN or other standards on request. Audco Italiana offers a solution for temperatures up to 200⁰C and typically pressures up to 16 Bar in all standard NBR and EPDM – for special applications, please contact us.​​


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