Fittings for hoses

The CAM-LOCK fittings, hose fittings, fittings for hoses STORZ, and stainless steel fittings, are sold by Audco Italiana to complete the offer contingent upon the purchase of Vinilgomma tubes.

CAM-LOCK® Hoses Fittings

The rapid attacks CAM – LOCK have been studied to achieve as fast as possible a sure connection between two pipages. In fact, in order to insert the male fitting in the female one, you should just lean the edge of the first on the packing of the second. Then, it’s sufficient to lower the two eccentric levers to block the fitting.

The extremities of fittings can be furnished: threaded, flanged, to weld or with “rubber holder” tang. The threads and the types of flanges are in agreement with the several Italian and international norms. If necessary they can be constructed in order to satisfy any requirement of the customer.

MATERIALS: Aluminium, bronze, carbon steel, stainless steel, p.p.l.
MEASURES: 1/2\"", 3/4\"", 1\"", 1/4\"", 11/2\"", 2\"", 21/2\"", 3\"", 4\"", 5\"", 6\"".
PRESSURES: 1/2" to 2" = 40 bar - 3" to 4" = 20 bar - 5" ÷ 6" = 14 bar - 8" = 10 ba

Hose fittings Type A

Fitting A

Hose fittings Type AW

Fitting AW

Hose fittings Type B

Fitting B

Hose fittings Type C

Fitting C

Hose fittings Type D

Fitting D

Hose fittings Type DW

Fitting DW

Hose fittings Type E

Fitting E

Hose fittings Type F

Fitting F

Hose fittings Type L

Fitting L

Hose fittings LAS

Fitting LAS

Hose fittings LBS

Fitting LBS

Hose fittings P

Fitting P

Other Fittings for hoses

Hoses Flexible fittings - Audco Italiana

Flexible fittings

Stainless Steel Fittings - Audco Italiana

Stainless Steel Fittings

Fittings STORZ - Audco Italiana

Fittings STORZ

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