Nordstrom 400-D

The Nordstrom 400-D High-Pressure Hand Gun is rated at 10,000-11,000 psi (690-759 bar) and includes many features for meeting the exact demands of replacing sealant in lubricated valves. One of the most outstanding features of the 400-D Hand Gun is the large fluid capacity, which permits long periods of operation between recharging.

By using a special-formula hydraulic fluid in the pumping mechanism, the gun pumps smoothly and with minimum effort. Its powerful hydraulic floating piston principle forces sealant out of the fun with ease, regardless of the sealant viscosity.


Sealants Grade and Sizes suitable for Flowserve Nordstrom 400-D Hydraulic Hand Gun

The barrel of Nordstrom 400-D Hydraulic Hand Gun is designed to accept a size “J”, “K” or “Gun Pak” sealant stick.
Sealants should be selected based on working fluid and operating temperature. Our general sealant recommendations are in the Lubricants and Sealants section.

Nordstrom 400-D Hydraulic Hand Gun


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