Our Products

Audco Italiana, for over 80 years, has a catalog of products that are the best the market can offer in terms of performance, reliability, quality and cost.

Audco sells a complete range of solutions to support the technical and operational needs of your company.
The following are the main categories of products sold and supported.

Audco Lubricated Plug Valves

Audco Special Lubricated Plug Valves

Worcester Ball Valves

Sleeved and Lined Plug Valves

Audco Butterfly Valves

Norbro Pneumatic and electric Actuators

Rotary Control Valves

Sealant & Injection Equipment for Valves Maintenance

Nordstrom Valves

Vogt Valves

Switch Boxes

Globe Valves

Gate Valves

Worcester WK70 Valves

Worcester A44/59 Valve

Flexible hoses and industrial fittings

Expansion Joints for Gas Turbine

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