Pneumatic Actuator Automax Supernova of Flowserve

Pneumatic Actuators Automax Supernova are part of a series of actuators that are designed for  butterfly valvesaudco lubrificated plug valves, ball valves. Automax Supernova offer one compact design for double acting and spring return functionality.

The Automax SuperNova pneumatic with rack and pinion actuator is the latest generation model produced by the company and has already won numerous world awards for its recognized reliability, versatility and safety.

Audco supplies the Automax Supernova recognizing the high quality of a sturdy but compact construction, and thanks to the new technical solutions applied to it make this product extremely reliable in the most severe operating conditions.

Audco Italiana sells a whole range of accessories produced to complete and also supports the customer in the maintenance phase for the entire life cycle of the product, thus allowing Audco Italiana customers to rely on a single commercial partner for all components. of the valve automation system.

The primary function of Flowserve's Automax Supernova pneumatic actuator is to generate an output torque to drive valves or other rotating equipment up to 5005Nm.

The pneumatic actuators with rack and pinion Automax of the Supernova series that Audco supplies are a powerful product but with very compact dimensions so that they are not governed by the requirements of the P.E.D. (Pressure Equipment Directive) and therefore by the European Directive 2014/68/EU.


Design Range

  • STorque Rating Range: To 5005 Nm output torque

Features and Benefits

  • 100 degree travel with limit stops in both direction of stroke
  • ISO mounting platform with star drive for standard valve attachment
  • Namur mounting for ancillary equipment


Pneumatic Actuators with Rack and Pinion Automax Supernova of Flowserve - Audco Italiana
Pneumatic Actuators Flowserve Automax Supernova - tridimensional view - Audco Italiana
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