Vogt Valves

Vogt valves are manufactured by the Vogt company founded in 1880 and, for more than a hundred years, its innovative design, quality standards and engineering capabilities have allowed Vogt to become a world leader in the technology of gate valves, globe valves and check valves.

Vogt valves: Wedge Gate Valves

Vogt Wedge Gate Valves

Vogt valves: T-Pattern Globe Valves

Vogt T-Pattern Globe Valves

Vogt valves: Cryogenic Globe Valves

Vogt Cryogenic Globe Valves

Vogt valves: Y-Pattern Globe Valves

Vogt Y-Pattern Globe Valves

Vogt valves: Swing Check Valves

Vogt Swing Check Valves

Vogt valves: T-Pattern Ball & Piston (LIFT) Check Valves

Vogt T-Pattern Ball & Piston (LIFT) Check Valves

Vogt valves: Y-Pattern Piston (LIFT) Check Valves

Vogt Y-Pattern Piston (LIFT) Check Valves

Chart Vogt valves Gate e Globe Valves
Chart Vogt Check Valves


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