Worcester WK70 Valves

Worcester WK70 Valves are Stainless Steel Ball Valves for high-purity and aseptic processes

Series WK 70 clean valves operate dependably in the pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetic, paint, chemical and semi-conductor manufacturing industries where microbes, media deposits, mineral impurities and cross-contamination can threaten the quality of the product.
The high-purity design, high vacuum rating, high cycle life and pressure/temperature rating of these valves make them ideal for applications from sterile steam to nutrient inlets to high-purity water.
The performance of the WK70 Tube Bore Clean Valve is based on a combination of high standard specifications.

Tube Bore
The inside diameter of WK70 valve components are tube bore dimensions so that the valve precisely matches the tubing it is connected to. This prevents buildup of pyrogens or bacteria.

Forged Valve
WK70 valves are built of forged parts. From an integrity perspective, forgings are better than castings for clean service because they are stronger, free from crevices, pits, shrinks or inclusions and have better controlled metallurgy.

Low Ferrite Content
WK70 valves are made of 316L stainless steel with ferrite content less than 5 percent. This prevents rouging resulting from minerals and impurities drawn from higher ferrite content metals.

High Integrity Welds
The metallurgy of WK70 body and extended tube ends assures the integrity of the orbital welding. The tube ends have a verifiable sulfur content between .005 percent and .016 percent. Too much sulfur causes a lack of penetration of the orbital welding. With a low sulfur content comparable to that of the process tubing, the quality of the weld is assured.

Valve WK70 Worcester - Audco Italiana
Valves Worcester WK70 Chart - Audco Italiana
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