Nordstrom Hypregun-Plus 5Q

The Nordstrom Hypregun-Plus 5Q meet field and plant maintenance needs of valve users, it is ideal for large scale valve servicing in refineries, compressor stations, gasoline plants, cycling plants, pipelines, and manifold installations. The Hypregun-Plus 5Q is compact, highly efficient, air operated sealant injection device with a 100:1 pressure ratio, double acting piston, and five quart can.

Continued positive pressure applied to the side cylinders assures intimate contact between the follower plate and sealant. Positive pressure makes it possible for the Hypregun-Plus 5Q to pump sealant at a much lower temperature than is possible with dispensing equipment without this feature.


Sealants Grade and Sizes suitable for Nordstrom Hypregun-Plus 5Q

The Flowserve Nordstrom Hypregun-Plus 5Q is designed to use five-quart (4.7 litre) sealant cans, which have been materially strengthened with welded seams. These cans are standard containers for all Nordstrom bulk sealants. The can shield supplied with each gun fives added strength to the can. The five-quart (4.7 litre) can and shield have been developed specially for use with the Hypregun-Plus 5Q. We do not recommend using other containers or selants developed by other manufacturers.

Sealants should be selected based on working fluid and operating temperature. Our general sealant recommendations are in the Lubricants and Sealants section.

Nordstrom Hypregun-Plus 5Q


Nordstrom Hypregun-Plus 5Q Flowserve Audco Italiana

Technical Information

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